my one, my only

A fanzine celebrating SasuNaruSasu from Naruto.


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Please note that schedule is subject to change at this stage.

1 MarchApplications Open
30 AprilApplications Close
6 MayResults Sent
13 MayContributors Announced
1 JulyCheck-In #1 - Sketches, Outlines
29 JulyCheck-In #2 - 1/3 Completion, ideally.
26 AugustCheck-In #3 - 2/3 Completion, ideally.
1 OctFinal Pieces Due
31 OctPreorders Open
1 DecPreorders Close

Zine Specs

  • My One, My Only is a general, SFW fanzine, celebrating the Naruto pairing, SasuNaruSasu.

  • The zine itself will be A5 perfect-bound, full color.

  • It will feature 6 writers and 30 artists, including cosplayers.

  • Fic submissions will be 2k, and artwork will be A5 300 dpi, CMYK.


Does the zine have a theme?
We've left this very open- as long as it's focused on the boys and their relationship -our contributors can create as inspiration strikes!
How many contributors will there be?
We are looking for 6-7 writers, and 30-36 artists.
Fic submissions will be 2k, and artwork will be A5 300 dpi, CMYK.
Will the Zine be for charity or for-profit?
For-charity, although chosen charity is still being decided!
How will contributors be compensated?
Our contributors will all receive a full bundle (Zine and merch).
What are the zine specs?
This Zine will be A5 Perfect-bound, full-colour, approximately 103 pp.
Will this Zine be SFW?
Yes. The Zine will feature canon-typical language, violence, themes and intensity.
Will the Zine accept cosplayers?
Yes! We are looking to include cosplayers in this Zine, however, we will judge cosplay applicants by craft, and skill - not visual similarity to character.
Will the Zine accept traditional art?
Yes! As long as it is scanned at high quality, and fulfills all the Zine format requirements.
Will this Zine include any ships other than SasuNaruSasu?
The Zine will not include ships apart from SasuNaruSasu. We hope to cater to the widest audience of SNS fans as possible, and will be focusing on SNS.


Head Mod Ariasune | They/Them8+ years experience in gift-exchanges, big bangs and fandom projects. This is their 4th fanzine as a moderator.Mod for DISorganizine, Lightning in a Bottle & Crystal Shards

Art Mod Chio | They/HeChio had printed several author's zines before (1 available in English, 2 only in Russian), as well as team zine experience.Mod for Konoha Founder Zine (2021), Look After Me (2020), СКЕТУЗИН (2020)

Shipping Mod American Kestrel | They/Them9 completed physical zine, 4 of which were manufactured by them!Mod for Lightning in a Bottle (2021), YGO Cooking Zine (2021), Heart & Soul (2021), Pride Zine 2021, Young but Capable (2020), She-Ra Fashion Zine (2020), Pride Zine 2020, Bear the Weight: Light My Path RE2 (2019), Share the Load RE2 (2019), Pride Zine 2019 & Game Start YGO (2018)

Social Media Mod OperaGoose | They/ThemHas worked as a moderator for YGOME's discord for 5+ years. However, this is their 1st fanzine.

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